January 17th, 2012

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Welcome to the Movement

Welcome to the growing movement of people choosing to reinvent themselves!

Reinvention is a way to say we are committed to change ourselves consistent with the natural process of human growth and life experience. We use the process of change, often unexpected and dramatic, to fuel a process of transformation. We are committed to improve our lives facing each new chapter with inspired self-responsibility and a belief that we can inspire positive change in ourselves and the world.

It is a privilege to lead a challenging life. It is also complex, occasionally daunting, and often confusing. If your journey has been anything like mine, you deserve a lot of credit for surviving and finding tools, techniques and practical steps to make the most out of every challenge along the way.

We all want our lives to manifest fully and honor who we are as individuals. We all want to use our unique and incredible gifts to their full potential in order to be the amazing manifestation of all we are meant to be.

40 years ago I was a young wife and mother of 2, a school teacher, and a political and community organizer while managing serious health problems and trying to overcome scars of my seriously dysfunctional childhood. My personal story includes the diverse obstacles, and insanity that many have suffered. Divorce, financial and physical near-death experiences, betrayal and abandonment, all the while building entrepreneurial businesses in tough business markets, are all part of that story.

I learned that even in my darkest hours, or when obstacles became barriers that held other people back from their dreams, that I was capable of reinventing myself. I learned how to find my true path to personal realization and business success. I learned that change is inevitable, transformation a choice. And that a life of sustainable transformation is not only possible but is our natural state of being. 

Today I own and run a multi-million dollar business that has expanded to include the personal coaching of key executives facing strategic options that will determine the very life of their organizations. I have deeply satisfying relationships with a large network of clients, close friends, extended family, my children and my grandchildren.

I have learned how to create the time and opportunity to make the money I want, to feel the joy of my life, and to pursue my dreams and inspire others.

And I get to do it all in a way that is in alignment with my deepest values and my truest self.

The dream I am living now is assisting others to gain the keys and tools that I have learned and applied successfully in life and business. I can confidently promise you that the work we do together will bring you an understanding and eventual fulfillment:

  • In alignment with your deepest values
  • In a way that honors your unique gifts
  • Is deeply satisfying and makes contributions to others
  • Is filled with joy and opportunity
  • And creates a sustainable process of meeting and transforming lives greatest challenges

I am so excited that you are now one of the people whom I can share these keys and tools with.

Thank you for trusting me with your time, energy and attention. I promise you’ll only receive notes from me that will assist you in reinventing yourself and increasing the joy, abundance and opportunity in your life.

Yours Truly,

Bobbie McMorrow

PS. You already have everything you need to get your life working in the way you want it to! You just need a little help!