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December 2015 – “Connect to be Fully Human and Turn Every Experience into Opportunity”

If you’ve been following this year’s Newsletters you know the Rise Up! purpose, month to month, is to answer our lifetime’s most challenging question: “How do we survive and thrive, be reliable and compassionate human beings every day no matter the hour, the barrier to entry, the high hurdle or the bottom-of-the-pit we face? How do we find our True Self, deep, real and authentic and remain positive, courageous and even ambitious, ALIVE in possibility, no matter the experience?”

November 2015 – “Be Grateful”

Naming and celebrating ONE thing: sunset, sunrise, fresh water, two hawk brothers circling my house this very minute. OR, a “thanks” for something we take for granted: clean sheets, laughter, trees, late Fall persimmons; rain in the desert, fine wine; OR, ‘finally no desire to drink!

October 2015 – “Move It”

To be truly alive and on purpose, we catalyze, heal, ignite our minds, spirits, bodies and emotions into ONE healthy, steady flow. Organic and vital beings require ACTION: unique movement of our minds, bodies, spirits and emotions as one force of awareness. WE, as the true owners and makers of our lives, weave the dynamic parts and pieces of ourselves into one fabulous WHOLE fabric. Only then can we to realize our highest and best use and create OPPORTUNITY. To BE alive is to ACT!

September 2015 – “Unpattern the Patterns”

Tami has taken the Rise Up! challenges to heart since she first found our work. “I was a bedraggled mess of an artist when I first came to Rise Up! ‘Natural talent,’ but constant barriers, ‘real or imagined,’ allowed everyone else’s definitions of Art and my artistry to override projects I wanted to pursue. The 2014 Life Purpose journey was a magical intervention that focused me in a new direction and inspired action. I needed our 2015 Principles to make my promise to myself real.”

August 2015 – “Face Fear – Embrace Freedom”

Lizzie is a determined, organized and single-minded mother, wife and emerging tech executive with her own online publishing company. “Deadlines,” she says breathlessly, “my life is about deadlines, schedules, calendars, timelines; what is due and how soon and who the hell needs to know and approve; get it done now, under all circumstances! I live partly in the past that confronts me with my secret, personal litany of supposed failures OR drives me forward into what I fear might be new punishments of possible failure. My antidote to fear was ‘be brave and reject fear.’ ‘Find freedom, by embracing fear’ sounded like the craziest idea! And the challenge to ‘feel fear,’ almost sent me out the door!

July 2015 – “Become a Mindfulness Ninja”

Lisa asked to be first to share her Rise Up! weekend. “I admit I thought Rise Up! was a better alternative to learn ‘change behavior’ than hearing the live interview of my company’s 360 review of me; reading it was confrontational enough. The good news: my team said, ‘she’s an inspiring speaker’ and ‘fabulous’ at client development and loyalty. ‘Super at keeping our portfolio strong with financial performances.’ Unfortunately I scored near-zero on internal management: ‘too quick to dismiss concerns and feelings on both personal and professional issues; always moving so quick’ I don’t remember their names. So distracted I didn’t know what division they worked in; even when I put them there. ‘Only time she pays full attention is when a dollar sign starts or ends the sentence! ‘Money is what counts with her.’ OUCH!”

June 2015 – “Take Full Credit”

By the end of our Rise Up! weekend the entire group had been touched by Krissie’s kindness, understanding and empathy. “I am truly fortunate to come from a loving, engaged family. Youngest of four siblings I was the beloved baby; appreciated ‘just for myself,’ I was told. That is, until I realized it meant no one thought I would ‘accomplish very much.’ I overheard my mom sadly tell an aunt I wasn’t as talented academically or athletically as my sibs but ‘so sweet and dear.’ She hoped I would find ‘someone to take care of me.’ She thought I didn’t hear her; wasn’t paying attention. I am always paying attention! It’s one of my best qualities that no one respected about me. At Rise Up! I came to realize a ‘talent for attention’ is only one of my very fine natural and innate qualities.”

May 2015 – “How I Define Myself Defines My Entire Reality”

Emma tells us in a Rise Up! session how understanding the third Principle to Being Human was the turning point on her quest to be her “true and authentic self.” “Rise Up! was the start of my breakthrough. In my family, being a childhood cancer survivor, I was the focal point of all the family angst, worry, and mixed-up love messages. I was the person everyone could stress over instead of them pulling together their own lives or thinking about the real source of their sadness; they didn’t have to put in the effort to follow their dreams or live their own lives.”

April 2015 – “Befriend Gain and Loss”

Claire, a beautiful, fiery red head, artistic in everything she does from her painting to her flamboyant costumes, doesn’t appear to be afraid of anything. “And I’m not,” she assures us in our Rise Up! session. “Or I wasn’t until I lost my husband. He was much older than I. Neither of us was foolish about that fact, but he was literally sun and moon of my life, my constant supporter, advisor and lover. He valued my Art and found me galleries and patrons.

March 2015 – “Stay”

Liz is a statuesque woman, unusually intelligent, well educated and highly sophisticated. She says now of herself, “Excuses! My family was good at them: not enough money, men, good-women, relationships, right job, opportunities, success, whatever! It was always ‘someone else’ who ruined life for them. I hated that blame game.

February 2015 – “Ten Principles for Being Human: How to Turn Every Experience into Opportunity”

A CEO client said to me: “Ok, now is the time for the secret sauce. I know you have some! Ego, central command, and authority I worked to maintain won’t help me here! HUMBLED, I’m happy to get whatever advice and counsel you can give me so pour it on!”

January 2015 – “START; Flamboyantly; NO Exceptions!”

Cole joined a Rise Up! men’s group to get his ‘Mojo’ back. “Mojo? That’s when I am at my best; fully engaged with a plan, using my reliable high-energy in all its reliable forms: mind-body-emotions-spirit. Mojo means I’m in the zone; in my True Self. But with my energy down, as it’s been since my sister passed away and my partner-relationship ended, I haven’t been fired up, had inspiration and insight to start anew! Is the ‘magic’ gone forever?”

December 2014 – “Arriving”

Holly is over six feet tall, an elegant presence in our Rise Up group: confident and serenely composed. But it’s her vulnerable humor that makes her story memorable. “Change? Transformation? Words that scare others who want small lives empower me! BUT, they say, ‘bigger they are, harder they fall’ and I spent the Rise Up! year falling all over myself. At my size that’s a dangerous thing for everyone in the way!”

November 2014 – “The Beginning of Gratitude”

Carli is a beacon of love and generosity. “It never occurred to me I needed a Rise Up! Workshop to understand my path and myself until my sister asked me to attend a weekend with her. I already had a BIG purpose. My mom died young when I was just thirteen. My Purpose was clear: ‘provide the love mom couldn’t; stir up the party, cook, gather family, pay attention to everyone and add MORE of whatever anyone wanted.’ I LOVED my purpose and my life. I was grateful for my roles and responsibilities.

October 2014 – “Courage is the ordinary, extraordinary!”

Celine, reminiscing about her Rise Up! workshop tells this story: “My group was amazing and so brave that at first all I could do was be in awe! Through workshop processes we examined our personal pasts to find a history of courage we could pull on now to transform our own lives.

September 2014 – “Harvest Courage”

Yvette tells us she has seen it all, been through it all, and has the t-shirt to prove it.

August 2014 – “Mindful of the Entire Experience”

If you took up July’s challenge to be calm and centered and stay in the question, then likely you experienced the entire tug, drag, drop, and tension of uncertainty that comes up for all us; as it did for my friend, Marie.

July 2014 – “Aware and Alive in Each Question”

JULY, at Rise Up! we slow down our efforts to answer questions we have studied all of 2014: “what is the call of my inner voice; what is my LIFE PURPOSE?” In July, we learn to STAY ALIVE in the middle of the question itself.

June 2014 – “Patterns and Destiny”

Thought creates action and repeated ACTIONS create habits that soon become self-fulfilling patterns. Patterns of behavior are often elusive, but over time become decisive, demanding and a vicious form of self-identity. Patterns are sometimes hidden inside other patterns. They can perhaps be of our own making, but more likely are the result of our connections to other patterns like our families, friends or cultures that we are most attached to.

May 2014 – “Boundaries”

It’s hard work! Here is the 2014 challenge we set for ourselves at Rise Up!: Identify our true voice and hear the inner call to our highest and best purpose that will lead us to that ever present yet often elusive LIFE PURPOSE.

April 2014 – “Dancing the Storm”

Storms can’t be avoided! At Rise Up! in April, we are learning that storms are an essential part of this year’s journey to hear both our deep inner voice and the call to our true selves.

Realizing what our Life Purpose is does not happen until we hear the message from within. That true voice must endure and be blessed by storms in order to bring forth new life.

March 2014 – “Digging the Destiny Garden”

2014: The Rise Up! commitment for myself and our community is to make this the year we discover and follow our True Inner Voice.

What Gandhi called “the stilll small voice within” calls us to our deep essence; defines our personal possibility, our True Self, and can help lead us to our Life Purpose.

February 2014 – “Love Month”

To be loved and to immerse ourselves in the sincerest love with a beloved “other,” we must first love ourselves, deeply and wholly.

Only then can we extend that love to the world at large, or dedicate ourselves to a life mission as big as our hearts, minds and spirits can possibly allow.

January 2014 – “Life Purpose”

I have loved this quote for a very long time.

In simple terms, it asks life’s most important questions: can I make a stand for what I define as my true and essential self? Can I clearly and courageously be “for myself”?

December 2013 – “Giving and Receiving”

Community is a circle of service.

We serve most authentically when we play every role within the circle. Giving and receiving in equal measure strengthens each person and in turn, the entire circle becomes a greater force for good. Service becomes the prime motivator of a powerful community when being served and being of service are one dynamic continuum.

November 2013 – “Co-Creation Connects the World”

It’s a Rise Up! message that moves mountains: “Co-creation connects the world.”

It is literally true. At all times, we co-create with our actions, with agreement and disagreement, constructive and destructive behaviors. Tolerance, peace, kindness and compassion are co-created in communities and the natural world, as a by-product of our daily decisions.

October 2013 – “Possibility and the Voice Within”

Possibility opens two doors simultaneously: challenge and opportunity. Challenge says, “Face fear and learn to be fearless.” Opportunity says, “Don’t hesitate! Fear is a barrier but it is also the bridge.”

When we find our true inner voice, the one we may have silenced long ago to be better accepted and to not rock the boat; we reach across the chasm of fear to bridge our future.

September 2013 – “Prisms of Possibility”

Many years ago, I led an especially frustrating workshop. The professional women who attended had been sent there by their firm who wanted to give women “opportunities to break through the glass ceiling.” But despite the great information and support they received from me and the three consultants in our program, the group was stuck! The women were frozen in old, restricted and failing patterns.

August 2013 – “The Possibility of Possibility”

Possibility is the engine of the universe. It grows from molecules to imagination, goes through a creative process to achieve brilliant breakthroughs landing finally as a small, personal miracle.

Life itself is possible if we believe it to be so, and possibility often begins with the simple act of telling our personal truths.

July 2013 – “Nouns versus Verbs”

At Rise Up, we say, “How we Define Ourselves, Defines our Entire Reality.” We define ourselves as mother, sister, daughter, nurse, lawyer, teacher, wife, widow, entrepreneur and much more.

Each noun has the ability to either free or box us in or to terrify, concretize and limit us. Self-defining nouns drive us towards or away from our highest and best purposes.

June 2013 – “The Identity Trap”

To be the SOMEBODY of our destiny, our inner truth and outer life must be aligned. They must actively balance each other until we are whole.

In a perfect world, no one else would define us; we would define ourselves. We would be clear about the expression of our true self, we would go in the direction of our dreams without being influenced by anyone else’s opinion of who they think we should be. But “perfect” doesn’t exist, at least not easily, often or consistently.

May 2013 – “Bridge Your Future”

In the midst of change, crisis, challenge, chaos and possibility, there is a question to be asked: “Are we going to wallow in anger, distrust, sadness and grief, or are we going to use this very moment of Inevitable Change to choose our personal Transformation?” There is no other time exactly like this to become the person we most want to be and live the life we most want to live.

April 2013 – “Fear and Fearless”

Fearlessness is not about toughening up; it is actually about being someone who has a sense of “wonder.” Fearlessness is the natural outcome of facing our personal terrors or fears.

Fear is more than a barrier to wonder, appreciation, love or happiness. Fear actually keeps us from accepting and living life to its wonder-full unlimited potential. Exploring our fears, not running from them, opens the doors of wonder and fearlessness.

March 2013 – “Resolution to Right-Action”

As we close the first quarter of the new year, we fire up our Resolutions with the power of Right Action:

“Right” – because the effort we apply is aligned with our goals to create change. We do this through deep, personal and balanced resolutions.

“Action” – because we do not hesitate. We move powerfully and systematically towards our goals.

February 2013 – “A Commitment to Wholeness”

Use all of who you are to make resolutions successful, powerful tools. In January, we learned to align Resolution with Reality by making a commitment to serve our own best selves instead of making resolutions to please others. This month, we will learn to commit to our whole selves – mind, body, spirit and emotion – to the Resolution.

January 2013 – “Resolution to Reality”

Happy New Year! This is your time to transition to your best, most authentic self.

Let’s resolve to start the year using our greatest assets: ourselves! We need to deeply understand our talents, qualities and experiences to transform our own lives and communities. Real resolutions work when self definition and true self are aligned with action.

December 2012 – “Antidote for Overwhelm”

A feeling of being OVERWHELMED, especially at this time of year, is the SYMPTOM, not the cause, of our crazy-making patterns.

STOP, breathe and concentrate on THIS: “What do I really need or want for my life today?” “What is it that those I love really need or want from me?” Breathe, pay close attention and stay present to people. Listen with mindful intention; and notice that what everyone needs most is not more THINGS but more of US in deep, personal ways.

November 2012 – “Becoming Myself”

Transformation is a BIG word. If it brings up loss and fear, think of it this way: It’s your journey to become yourself.

My Rise Up! participants tell me that they were profoundly moved to find, through our work together, the self they always knew was there.

Rise Up is a transformative experience that reveals all of yourself TO yourself so you can claim the future you were meant to have.

October 2012 – “Victories!”

I am often asked, “Why choose Transformation? Couldn’t I just learn to roll with the punches and adapt to change?’”

I know it sounds scary and life changing. Problem-solving skills are easier and often exactly what we need to move ahead.

Do we really want Transformation?

September 2012 – “Change Is Inevitable, Transformation is a Choice!”

As the lazy days of summer wind down and we head into fall, I find myself dreaming of carefree days on a California beach – maybe in another life!

Here’s my reality: a sizeable deal gets delayed and seeps into the break I need so badly. One of my biggest clients suddenly goes into bankruptcy, owing me an excessive amount of money. A beloved grandchild is in need of additional medical support. Welcome to my world, surely familiar if you’re a woman in America in 2012.