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Rise Up! Newsletter

September 2015

In This Issue:

Quote of the Month:

“Humans are pattern makers. Our left-brains, particularly wired for self-preservation, lay down bridges connecting warnings with exact actions for safety. Unconsciously we tie knots to thoughts and emotions that teach us to repeat behaviors that are ‘approved’ and make us safe and acceptable in our families and communities. New patterns open doors to new experiences that threaten old and familiar ways of being and acting. Without being fully aware of the pattern-trap, we ‘repeat same behaviors expecting different results.'”

~ Rise Up!

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Message From Bobbie:

In 2014 at Rise Up! we discovered, re-invented, and committed ourselves to transformative LIFE PURPOSE. We ended the year needing assistance, reminders, and tools to successfully meet the challenge of transformation. Life Purpose is THEE job of our lifetime and deserves support to realize itself!

In 2015 we’re engaging Ten Principles for Being Human: How to Turn Every Experience into Opportunity. No matter the roller coaster of success, joy, real and supposed tragedies, we learn methods to “Be Fully Human,” and stay on our Life Purpose course. The Principles help us embrace life as it is. We find something brave, beautiful, positive and successful in every stomach drop, twist and squeal of life. We learn to turn “Every Day Experience” into an “Opportunity.”

In August we chose to Face Fear and Embrace Freedom. Stay and we transform our relation to fear in order to transform our lives.

In September the Face Fear lesson becomes the exact tool required to step outside of our conscious minds and unwind feedback loops that reinforce the past. We examine our minds and repetitive behaviors and Unpattern the Patterns that limit us.

UNCHALLENGED patterns decide the future without our knowing they imprison us! Unravel, UN-pattern a pattern and create new powerful ways of being fully ourselves. The energy to live our Life Purpose becomes possible in Every Experience.

Featured Journal Entry:

Unpattern the Patterns

Tami has taken the Rise Up! challenges to heart since she first found our work. “I was a bedraggled mess of an artist when I first came to Rise Up! ‘Natural talent,’ but constant barriers, ‘real or imagined,’ allowed everyone else’s definitions of Art and my artistry to override projects I wanted to pursue. The 2014 Life Purpose journey was a magical intervention that focused me in a new direction and inspired action. I needed our 2015 Principles to make my promise to myself real.”

Stay, breathe in calm and develop a silent space that reveals the truth of life as waves of Gain and Loss. Riding the possibility wave we let go of falsehood of control and become present to the entire possibility of each moment. Question the Definition of Ourselves and we re-create our own identities. Mindfulness Ninjas stay awake and aware each moment and learn, humbly, with gratitude and generosity, to Take Full Credit. Facing Fear awakens courage to go deeper within our brain’s systemic feedback loops, question their truthfulness and authority and Unpattern Patterns that don’t serve the life we are creating.

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Featured Exercise:

Start with our usual three deep inhales/exhales, releasing any restriction of old fears.

  1. Re-Defining ourselves was our Third Principle for Being Human. New and self-created Identities require new brain messages, ones that support growth and transformation. Un-pattern patterns set in the past by using your own powerful repeating messages. Create your own Mantra!
  2. Transforming ourselves in order to find Opportunity in Every Experience and Be Fully Human, requires us to create and then PRACTICE these new messages. It took time for our brains to believe fearful, limiting feedback loops. It WILL take time to unravel the past. Make yourself a priority!

For more helpful techniques on Unpatterning the Patterns, stay tuned for next week's Featured Exercise email!

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In 2011, on a beautiful ranch in Santa Ynez, California, Bobbie created her "Rise Up!" movement as a means of empowering women to create the lives, relationships and careers that they were meant to have. It was named after Bobbie's ability to find possibility and opportunity in the midst of change and even crisis. Through one-on-one sessions and group workshops that she has done since 2008 Bobbie has helped participants reach their own epiphanies. Read more...




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