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Rise Up! Newsletter

July 2015

In This Issue:

Quote of the Month:

“Mindfulness is a practice that teaches us to pay full attention in the present moment. MINDFUL we are whole, awake and aware of our immediate senses and feelings and to where our thoughts and bodies are in space and time. MINDFUL we are PRESENT to experience as it is right now; not fixing problems of the past or creating illusions for the unknowable future. MINDFUL of the ever-dynamic shifts of the universe we see situations for what they are, eyes wide open. MINDFULNESS NINJAS use awake and aware to inform ACTIONS that turn EVERY EXPERIENCE into Opportunity.”

~ Rise Up!

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Message From Bobbie:

Over years of creating Ten Principles for Being Human: How to Turn Every Experience into Opportunity, I’ve asked myself if I could only choose one of The Ten to live by and teach which would it be? Which makes the greatest impact or is somehow the most valuable?

Hard to know! After all, when we STAY and turn off the world’s noise, we gather into the sacred center of our hearts and minds. Quiet, we can realize the balance of GAIN and LOSS, inherent in every experience that keeps us real. Balanced on the truth of life seesaw we Question the Definition of Ourselves. We analyze identity, and re-name ourselves based on our real and true qualities; on our own lives and experiences. We Take Full Credit realizing we’ve achieved, served, assisted and contributed in small and large ways that make other people’s lives better just by being ourselves! Now we’re able to use our personal quality Power Chip for good.

The Ten Principles work together in any order and each has its own truth, energy and essential purpose. And yet, in month five of studying the Ten Principles I am tempted to say, Become a Mindfulness Ninja may bring us closest to learning how best to BE FULLY HUMAN.

NOT Mindful, unfortunately, is far more common!

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Featured Journal Entry:

Become a Mindfulness Ninja

Lisa asked to be first to share her Rise Up! weekend. “I admit I thought Rise Up! was a better alternative to learn ‘change behavior’ than hearing the live interview of my company’s 360 review of me; reading it was confrontational enough. The good news: my team said, ‘she’s an inspiring speaker’ and ‘fabulous’ at client development and loyalty. ‘Super at keeping our portfolio strong with financial performances.’ Unfortunately I scored near-zero on internal management: ‘too quick to dismiss concerns and feelings on both personal and professional issues; always moving so quick’ I don’t remember their names. So distracted I didn’t know what division they worked in; even when I put them there. ‘Only time she pays full attention is when a dollar sign starts or ends the sentence! ‘Money is what counts with her.’ OUCH!”

Lisa is tall, dynamic; a commanding personal presence. Like many CEOs, especially those that start their own businesses, she’s confident and hyper-determined. But she won’t sustain a company without paying closer attention to the people who helped her get there. But that is only part of her deeper concern.

“Do I really want to work on personal stuff? I thought, Lisa, take your lumps from the 360 review committee and change some things, like order donuts and coffee and be at the office fifteen minutes earlier to shake hands and talk to people. I thought, ‘when I make them more money they won’t care if that’s all that counts with me!’”

“Then, my seven-year-old daughter cried at dinner. ‘You aren’t listening mommy, my turtle died, my best friend moved away and I hate gym class and you ask, how’s your turtle?’ You say, ‘invite your friend over’ and instead of helping me with gym you tell me how good you were at my age! You don’t remember stories I already told you! Even when you’re home you’re not here!’ OUCH! If I can’t attend to my daughter maybe MINDFULNESS is a way to get my act together. I have to hear the in-person 360 review but maybe Mindfulness helps me listen to the lesson!”

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Featured Exercise:

  1. Go back and re-read my NOT MINDFUL story. What could I have done differently, MINDFULLY? GET better directions so I didn't get semi-lost, which got my "angry-with-myself worrying mind" fired up and more confused. Instead of being present to my LOST upset, following my own advice and BREATHING, I could have ignored a cell call that interrupted my already risky concentration, which, BTW, got me MORE lost. WHAT ELSE? I could have moved WAY over to the side of the crowded entrance to the restaurant, put the gifts down a minute and BREATHED (3 FULL breaths attaches heart to mind) and NOTICED how jittery my body was, how ahead of my mind it was. I WOULDN'T have breathlessly rushed in, unbalancing myself. IF I'd been mindful I would have cautioned myself about crowded spaces and four inch heels and I would have had a chance to stop a fall! OUCH!

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About Bobbie

In 2011, on a beautiful ranch in Santa Ynez, California, Bobbie created her "Rise Up!" movement as a means of empowering women to create the lives, relationships and careers that they were meant to have. It was named after Bobbie's ability to find possibility and opportunity in the midst of change and even crisis. Through one-on-one sessions and group workshops that she has done since 2008 Bobbie has helped participants reach their own epiphanies. Read more...




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