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Rise Up! Newsletter

January 2015

In This Issue:

Quote of the Month:

"To Change One’s Life:
1. Start Immediately;
2. Do IT Flamboyantly;
3. NO Exceptions"

~ William James

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Message From Bobbie:

In 2014 we worked to hear the Inner Call that would set, or re-set, ignite and inspire our LIFE PURPOSE, the one we were born to live!

In 2015: “Start Immediately!” There’s no time like the present, and besides, THE PRESENT is all we have! Past is beyond changing; future is unpredictable. Today: Commit to a CHANGE that transforms your life and sets the course for your Life Purpose.

“Do It Flamboyantly!” You are the only human being exactly like you (even if you are an identical twin!); celebrate your UNIQUE self in living color. Be an audacious BRIGHT LIGHT and be tenacious in your goals. LIVE OUT LOUD. Be as heartfelt and fair, as you are determined and successful; as generous and kind as much as you refuse to be denied. “Flamboyance” includes an all-out healthy life dancing the great weaving of the Four-Fold Path: mind-body-spirit-emotions.

If the year’s first strategic plan doesn’t work, be grateful. At Rise Up, we count failure as ESSENTIAL for our on-going, life-long education. Failure is another opportunity. NO Pollyanna’s, NO Denial: Failure hurts! Own up to the “ouch” to learn valuable lessons. Review (seriously) what worked and what didn’t work. Lick your wounds; ask for assistance too, no one gets it all done alone. PROCESS all information for deep, holistic understanding. Create another plan and never, ever, under any circumstance, cling to failure or the supposed loss!

“NO exceptions!” Clinging to any “oops” steals time, energy and focus from your next courageous ACT! You DO have intelligence, wisdom and wherewithal to create positive change, to hear that INNER CALL and make powerful, realistic, choices and see them to completion. Inspire yourself and you inspire the rest of us with you.

Featured Journal Entry:

START; Flamboyantly; NO Exceptions!

Cole joined a Rise Up! men’s group to get his ‘Mojo’ back. “Mojo? That’s when I am at my best; fully engaged with a plan, using my reliable high-energy in all its reliable forms: mind-body-emotions-spirit. Mojo means I’m in the zone; in my True Self. But with my energy down, as it’s been since my sister passed away and my partner-relationship ended, I haven’t been fired up, had inspiration and insight to start anew! Is the ‘magic’ gone forever?”

“Worst of times” happen to all of us. They can come in waves, over successive years. They can test our faith in many things, in life itself; and can break our hearts. Our ‘mojo’ lies tucked away, sleeping, hidden; near forgotten. We all know worst-time grief. We also know “we own the right to our highest and best use” during good and bad times. The Inner Call spoke this message to each of us in 2014 as we worked Rise Up! processes to come to our True Self and following that to our Life Purpose.

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Featured Exercise:

BREATHE AND CALM. Every project and promise gathers strength when we take three deep breaths and align mind, body, spirit and emotions.

  1. Decide: Start ONE project that uses all your best natural gifts; the ones based on the personal qualities that guide you, consciously or unconsciously, all your life. Examples of these qualities include courage, generosity, faith, ability to apply yourself, inner strength, CREATIVITY, joy, thoroughness, focus, clarity etc. that you know well. Fully claim and be proud of them so you can use them in your next project.
  2. Start Immediately: My favorite Star Wars character is Yoda. He says, “No trying; DO!” You have likely known, as Cole did, what brings you your greatest and TRUEST happiness. WRITE IT DOWN: “I am MOST myself when I am… or I am happiest; most fully engaged when…”
  3. Your HAPPINESS LIST may surprise you! COLE loved the theater and performance but he’d left that life behind. BUT when he lost so much he RECHARGED and found his MoJo in his “old loves.” Arts and the Theater were at the top of his happiness list. He returned to his roots. No dancing on Broadway again, but creativity, like energy, can’t be squished, killed, broken, destroyed. IT CAN GO UNDERGROUND and be RECREATED in a new form.

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About Bobbie

In 2011, on a beautiful ranch in Santa Ynez, California, Bobbie created her "Rise Up!" movement as a means of empowering women to create the lives, relationships and careers that they were meant to have. It was named after Bobbie's ability to find possibility and opportunity in the midst of change and even crisis. Through one-on-one sessions and group workshops that she has done since 2008 Bobbie has helped participants reach their own epiphanies. Read more...




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