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Rise Up! Newsletter

November 2014

In This Issue:

Quote of the Month:

"Loving yourself does NOT mean being self-absorbed or narcissistic or disregarding others. Rather it means welcoming yourself as the most honored guest in your own heart, a guest worthy of respect, a lovable companion. Gratitude begins by being grateful for yourself!”"

~Margo Anand

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Message From Bobbie:

November is official “GRATITUDE” month. This year before the party begins, before family and friends arrive, STOP, take one deep, purposeful breath and THANK your “most honored guest,” yourself. Breathe into the moment and thank yourself for all of who you are. It’s a simple and profound act of gratitude we owe ourselves. And, in being truly grateful for the miraculous act of BEING, we spread gratitude to all.

SELF-Gratitude starts with thanks for our being, day in and day out, being is our “loveable companion.” Gratitude doesn’t judge or compare. There are no “what if’s” and no goal lines when we are sincerely grateful. “Being grateful for yourself” recognizes life is a miracle, from core elements that create a living being to the daily challenges and hurdles we face, the simple act of being is a gift that deserves our deepest GRATITUDE. It isn’t easy AND yet you are here and it is NOW. Be grateful!

Featured Journal Entry:

The Beginning of Gratitude

Carli is a beacon of love and generosity. “It never occurred to me I needed a Rise Up! Workshop to understand my path and myself until my sister asked me to attend a weekend with her. I already had a BIG purpose. My mom died young when I was just thirteen. My Purpose was clear: ‘provide the love mom couldn’t; stir up the party, cook, gather family, pay attention to everyone and add MORE of whatever anyone wanted.’ I LOVED my purpose and my life. I was grateful for my roles and responsibilities. And then one day I got very sick. ME? Breast cancer? Chemo? Down and out? I had to readjust my definition of myself, question my purpose. That re-evaluation of my life knocked me out cold as the illness itself!”

Carli was RIGHT about feeling gratitude for her Life Purpose. There was only one problem: when she got sick she realized she hadn’t ever felt GRATITUDE for her own life, for all she was able to do, to take on and create and make whole. It was not her life or responsibilities she took for granted, it was herself. She hadn’t included HERSELF in her GRATITUDE; and hadn’t fully appreciated her own life!

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Featured Exercise:

  1. Take three long, deep cleansing breaths until your pulse slows and your heart and mind quiets. IT IS VERY DIFFICULT to create directed SELF-talk if we are racing, not centered and calm. Your breath connects your head and heart! CONNECT NOW!
  2. THINK about all the pieces of yourself, the threads, energies you give away every day. TODAY, as you sit and breathe, pull all those threads BACK to yourself and BE GRATEFUL that they ARE you and YOU are all the parts and pieces of yourself! JUST sit in the beauty and miracle of life itself.
  3. SELF-GRATITUDE, the knowledge and act of simple THANKFULNESS for being alive is not selfish or narcissistic!! IT IS the exact opposite! If you are religious or spiritual you may believe that god or goddess, Universe or Great Spirit, helped bring you life. Self-gratitude is a way to thank the SOURCE for the life you have, no matter how well, accomplished, gifted or happy you may be right this moment! When we are grateful for our BEING we are grateful for ALL and everything that brought us this amazing gift!

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About Bobbie

In 2011, on a beautiful ranch in Santa Ynez, California, Bobbie created her "Rise Up!" movement as a means of empowering women to create the lives, relationships and careers that they were meant to have. It was named after Bobbie's ability to find possibility and opportunity in the midst of change and even crisis. Through one-on-one sessions and group workshops that she has done since 2008 Bobbie has helped participants reach their own epiphanies. Read more...



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