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Rise Up! Newsletter

September 2014

In This Issue:

Quote of the Month:

"A person with outward courage dares to die; a person with INNER courage dares to LIVE!!"

~Lao Tzu

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Message From Bobbie:

Courage! September is the month to ignite our personal, inner courage and release the barriers that have kept us from living our Life Purpose.

This year, at Rise Up!, we took up the challenge to answer this essential question: "What is the message that, since birth, has asked me to show up as my True Self? The inner calling that guides me to live my Life Purpose?"

Each month, we've talked about courage, in different contexts. Step by step, we challenged ourselves to continue on the path with a strong heart and mind: to face the past; to own up to ourselves and to get closer to what scares us about real, authentic living. It requires courage to create a future based on who we are and to harvest the fruit of our efforts. The promise of our Rise Up! harvest is to claim what we've worked for all year. And with that promise INEVITABLY comes end-of-journey barriers.

Think of these barriers as a series of final challenges to our resolve to define our Life Purpose. Removing barriers requires what real life always requires: courage!

Featured Journal Entry:

Harvest Courage

Yvette tells us she has seen it all, been through it all, and has the t-shirt to prove it.

"'When you go through hell keep walking,' that's what my shirt would say, except 'keep running!' was more accurate. Walking would never have gotten me through. Show me a barrier and I could show you how to knock it down even if I came up bruised and exhausted; nothing stopped me! I wanted more than anything to live my Life Purpose and I heard that inner voice since college."

Yvette's inner voiced called her to tell the story of every woman. "The shared suffering, the common joys, the goals and dreams many women didn't dare say aloud! Stories heal us, I heard that once and believed it," she said.

Then Yvette added: "What a damn paradox! I wanted to give voice to women, but I couldn't use my own voice! Then at Rise Up! we got into the talk about barriers."

Barriers to our Life Purpose are ties to past definitions of who and what we "must" be! The past is based on traditions, culture, needs and voices of other people. We've worked too hard, digging, hoeing, seeding, and surviving the elements this year to do anything LESS than face the barriers fear creates and forge our new future with courage.

"The barriers to living my own life came up so fast, before I actually could feel my fear, before I could think out what I was giving up. So I just barreled ahead into what I felt I owed everyone else: money, love, forgiveness and acceptance… whatever! I had another 'story' rolling around in my own head too, about what I needed to do to be a professional, to make enough money, to be successful. It all was a great way to not live my own purpose."

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Featured Exercise:

  1. Here we go again: I am repeating myself from our previous exercises, but, again, please find yourself a silent space, with no technology, no distractions or "reasons" to run away from a MINDFUL MOMENT. This is the most helpful activity we can do alone to hear our inner voice! Last month's exercises contained a number of helpful links and suggestions. Take advantage of those suggestions NOW and commit to a MINDFULL MOMENT. Use your courage; it takes strength to pay attention and courage to face long hidden fears!
  2. MINDFULLY: Take 3 deep inhales, then 3 exhales, and we begin to clear our over busy, task-oriented, brains. When you feel that special calm, (phones off, etc.) allow yourself a moment to assess all the ways you live your life by Self-Definition: "professional title; mother, sister, teacher, grandmother, aunt, wife, worker bee, friend, whatever." It takes courage to understand how we honestly define ourselves!
  3. Every Self-Definition is both an invitation to be that word and a barrier to being anything or anyone other than that. CONFUSED? Think of it this way, "The title 'mother' means I can be all the things I think a good mother should be: attentive, selfless, generous etc." GREAT! Nothing wrong with those identities except that while the identities give us something (babies, the new, better job, the paycheck, the boyfriend), they limit something else.

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In 2011, on a beautiful ranch in Santa Ynez, California, Bobbie created her "Rise Up!" movement as a means of empowering women to create the lives, relationships and careers that they were meant to have. It was named after Bobbie's ability to find possibility and opportunity in the midst of change and even crisis. Through one-on-one sessions and group workshops that she has done since 2008 Bobbie has helped participants reach their own epiphanies. Read more...



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