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Rise Up! Newsletter

May 2013

In This Issue:

Quote of the Month:

"When we are no longer able to change a situation – we are challenged to change ourselves. "

~Viktor E. Frankl

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Message From Bobbie:

In the midst of change, crisis, challenge, chaos and possibility, there is a question to be asked: “Are we going to wallow in anger, distrust, sadness and grief, or are we going to use this very moment of Inevitable Change to choose our personal Transformation?” There is no other time exactly like this to become the person we most want to be and live the life we most want to live.

The easy action is to blame the times, the people around us, or confusion and unease in our lives. The most powerful action (and often the most difficult) is to ask what must change within ourselves to be the person we most want to be. The outcomes of our choices determine our present and future happiness. The Rise Up! Choice is to understand the personal landscape within, to take full and active responsibility for all of who we are, and allow that responsibility to be the bridge to our future.

Featured Journal Entry:

Bridge Your Future

“Everything got in the way!” said Kari, an honor student in college who married young. “First it was marriage, then twins. They were wonderful, but totally unexpected and a lot of work! Then there was the move to the big city and the constant swirl of change. I can admit now that I had a fear of all of the new responsibility. I felt like I couldn’t measure up to it all.”

Before Kari could think of herself as an adult woman, she was surprised by the unexpected onslaught of life. It happens to even the most conscious of us: we forget ourselves before we’ve found ourselves. As Kari eloquently put it, she had “lost the Self she didn’t yet know.” Her life was “leading her,” instead of her leading her life.

“I put my husband’s education and career first because I wasn’t going to get a job that could match his potential income,” she shared. “So I put my interests on hold. I felt like other responsibilities were more insistent than my selfish needs. Certainly the best use of my time was to try to control the daily complexity by being ‘perfect’ for everyone else. That is, until the day I was inspired during a Rise Up! session!”

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Featured Exercise:

  1. Keep a two-column list for at least one full average week:

    For Myself                    For Others

    Use quick phrases and jot short notes - pithy, first thoughts are best! Do not analyze or assess until you get a week’s worth of info.

    Note: “Others” does not necessarily mean children; it can be clients, co-workers, pets, parents, siblings, friends, etc.
  2. Be Brave: Read (or add up checks) without your own inner judge changing what is there or adding further comment; the point is just to “get it!”
  3. Find a trusted advisor. This is someone who can be utterly trusted to tell you the truth, support you, not be judgmental, or talk behind your back (gossip) or make them the center of your personal inquiry. Read your list to that trusted advisor and ask them NOT to comment until you are done reading.

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About Bobbie

In 2011, on a beautiful ranch in Santa Ynez, California, Bobbie created her “Rise Up!” movement as a means of empowering women to create the lives, relationships and careers that they were meant to have. It was named after Bobbie’s ability to find possibility and opportunity in the midst of change and even crisis. Through one-on-one sessions and group workshops that she has done since 2008 Bobbie has helped participants reach their own epiphanies. Read more...



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